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Who is Peterson Technologies?

Peterson Technologies is a small, family owned and operated, consulting company. Because we're small, we can be flexible and responsive to your needs. Our staff is our managment, so there is never any disagreements between the consultants serving you and the company telling them how to work.

Our primary consultant is also our founder and co-owner. Jan L. Peterson has twenty years of corporate computing experience. Studying Computer Science at Montana State University (a premier engineering school in the western United States) in the early to mid eighties, Jan received a firm grounding in computing principles and developed a strong work ethic. His first job, porting software for a small software company, gave him a base of experience working in the small corporate environment. It also gave him the background to understand the intricacies of software development projects both large and small. Having the development background has been critical to his success as a systems and network administrator. Working six years at Brigham Young University, he was instrumental in growing the computing environment in the Department of Mathematics from two Mips workstations to a diverse collection of over two hundred systems from vendors such as Sun, HP, and SGI (among others). On leaving the University, Jan worked on one of the premier electronic commerce (business to consumer) web sites of the day, the iMALL. iMALL originated to fill a need... the need of small companies to be able to market their products on the Internet without having to maintain their own technical staff. iMALL provided the infrastructure for these small companies to get "on-line." Jan's other companies provided him with experience working for government contractors, interacting with other large companies, managing large-scale, high volume web sites, grid computing, and insider thread management in the corporate space. Now, with Peterson Technologies, Jan can put his extensive experience and broad background to work for YOUR company, solving YOUR problems.

Kerry L. Peterson is our chief web designer and graphic artist. Kerry has a background in computers from the time he was born, having grown up sitting on his father's lap, in front of terminals and computers. He has worked on various projects, including developing images for Monarch Door and designing the fan website Xmech. His strengths include graphics design and a good sense of structure and layout, as well as a firm programming background in scripting languages commonly used in web design such as PHP and Ruby. Kerry's studies at ITT Tech and the Salt Lake Community College have also given him a strong grasp of Java programming techniques and database interaction.

Zackary A. Peterson is our QA representative. Zack, also with an extensive background and history in using computers, applications, web sites, and games, can give you the insight you need when seeking the customer's perspective. His determination and inquisitiveness combine to help him evaluate all areas of a user interface and to discover problems that others might not notice until a product or site is deployed.

In addition, we have the ability to draw on additional experience from our extensive network of professional contacts. This contact pool includes web designers, graphical artists, technical writers, systems administrators, network administrators, and other consultants, each with five to twenty-five years of experience. We also have relationships with marketing companies giving us insights that purely technical companies simply do not have.

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