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Peterson Technologies is not currently actively seeking clients at the present time. If you have an interesting request or project, and think we're the right people to work on it, feel free to e-mail us at and we'll evaluate your proposal and get back to you. We can also refer you to one of our partners.

Peterson Technologies is a very small consulting firm. We're small, so we're responsive to your needs. If you have a special project, you can count on our mix of talent and experience to meet with you, identify your needs, suggest solutions that solve your problems, and implement those solutions.

With twenty-three years of industry experience, we know the full range of corporate computing and networking needs. From designing custom server environments (both for internal and external purposes) to planning your network (including security and redundancy), we can handle your needs. You can count on us not to abandon your project when the going gets rough. And, you can count on us to suggest the right solution to your problem. We will help you find the solutions that will carry your company forward, ensuring that you can support your customers.

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